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Mail Boxes Etc. Franchise
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Mail Boxes Etc. Centre

Start your business on the right foot

Our experience, a solid brand, an efficient network, highly reliable people and a strong commitment to entrepreneurship are the elements that allow us to give your business the best support possible.

Mail Boxes Etc. will support you with:

  • A proven business model 

Becoming part of the Mail Boxes Etc. Network means embracing the #PeoplePossible attitude: you will provide Small and Medium Sized Businesses with innovative physical and digital solutions that embody entrepreneurial skills and a work in a steady, reliable and long-term business model.

  • Know-how and continuous training

Mail Boxes Etc. may be new to you, but not for us. We have years of experience in training and preparing our franchisees to become Entrepreneurs.  We will train you and your team to acquire all the skills you need:  with advanced and on-site training tools at certified Mail Boxes Etc. Centres and  with the constant support of our Network.

  • Omni-Channel Marketing

Mail Boxes Etc. will support you through our Marketing programs, lead generation initiatives and omni-channel Marketing Campaign. From day one, all Mail Boxes Etc. partners become immediately associated with an established brand recognized worldwide with supportive marketing activities.

  • Framework Agreements

Mail Boxes Etc. selects leading companies in their respective sectors to realize synergies through national agreements which consolidate purchasing power for the benefit of the entire network. Furthermore, Mail Boxes Etc.’s retail presence positions us uniquely in the market to function for entities within the “last mile” between companies – large and small – and consumers, when customization of service and personal interaction are needed to make a competitive difference.

  • Support Business Development

Proven tools, techniques, technologies and strategies to support, develop and improve customer relationships enable Mail Boxes Etc. entrepreneurs to grow healthy businesses over long term.

  • Financial Guidance

Through agreements with banks and other entities, Mail Boxes Etc. supports candidates during the funding request process to open and start your business quickly with the appropriate capital structure.

  • Centre Location Selection

We know our business; you know your territory. Together we will find and select where to start your new business.

  • Interior Design and Brand Identity

We have assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in opening their Mail Boxes Etc. Service Centre; setting it up is one less thing to think about in preparing the start of your business.

  • Business Analytics

Mail Boxes Etc. collects, analyses and shares market and network data to advise and support MBE entrepreneurs in the implementation of business strategies.