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From a website to retail logistic and shipping

The story of how to succeed in developing an e-commerce with the right partner

A guy and his friends have been designing T-shirts and covers for smartphones for a while. After some studies, they tried to customize and print some products at Mail Boxes Etc. and give them around.

People seemed to like them and so they asked their MBE Center if they were interested in their project. Alongside an e-commerce website was created in order to seek customized products (cover, t-shirts, stickers wall, painting canvases); in addition to the supported in the making of the website, the MBE Center has been able to produce all the items sold through it.

When an e-commerce order is placed, it’s sent directly to Mail Boxes Etc., which handles the printing, packaging, and delivery via the most suitable courier. Though this service has only recently been introduced, customers have already expressed great appreciation for its exceptional quality, fast delivery, and top-notch products.

Ultimately, the customer had the idea, and Mail Boxes Etc. helped bring it to life, now supporting them in all aspects of the process.

We always welcome innovative ideas, and even though this project was complex and required time to develop, the client has started receiving orders, and we celebrate every successful production and delivery!

A new supplier can be a nice surprise

Print and distribute 4000 copies of a catalog for tire repairer

A new supplier can be a nice surprise

The owner of a bar in town near Mantua had previously gotten in touch with Mail Boxes Etc. seeking help in upgrading the ground floor of her bar. Later she thought that even their terrace, which is located between other houses, needed a makeover; besides thinking of the aesthetic aspect they also had the need to find a solution to avoid violating their neighbors’ privacy.

After some visits to MBE with its collaborators (blacksmith, painter etc.), a series of fixed decorated panels at head height that reproduce an avenue with the street lamps has been proposed to them.

MBE took care of everything: the choice and the design of graphic materials, as well as their production and installation.

Being able to demonstrate your skills and competitiveness in sectors where MBE is not directly recognizable is always a challenge. Handling all stages of production and delivery and keeping the customer constantly informed makes them feel as if they are part of the Company.


How to manage e-commerce product inventory

Invest in a warehouse, hire staff, manage people, organize logistics…better concentrate on selling instead.

Two business partners of Massafra, in the south of Italy, decided to start selling typical products of their area with an e-commerce website called “Odori e Sapori di Puglia“. There was only one problem: the capability to warehouse and distribute the new volume of goods being sold through the online channel. Could the local MBE Center provide the answer?

Initially the owners inquired about pure storage space.  Upon further listening to the company’s plans, it became clear that management of the e-commerce sales channel would entail a whole host of capabilities and requirements. Everything from receiving and stockpiling a diverse portfolio of products from many manufacturers to the organization and management of the sales-to-shipment fulfillment process could overwhelm the company’s capacity. Entrusting the entire fulfillment operations to MBE turned out to be the lowest risk option. And it worked!

Storage of goods, selection of product from the warehouse, order processing and fulfillment packing and shipping all done, including inventory control and returns. The company could maintain its focus on its core business, leaving MBE to manage the logistics of their online sales.

A new e-commerce and the management of product shipments to be sent to charity donors.

Starting an e-commerce without having to worry about logistics and shipping

A new e-commerce and the management of product shipments to be sent to charity donors.

The marketing manager of a well known non-profit organization, operating in the field of scientific research and based in Milan, was looking for a partner that would support them in the delivery and distribution of their products, to be sent to donors at Christmas time.

It was the first time they were managing an e-commerce online platform and had no idea how to approach shipping and logistics.

By contacting Mail Boxes Etc, they found a partner who got into their reality and explained to them all the aspects to be considered for online distribution (sizes, weights catalog, online store, etc) and then took care of everything for them. The support given is continuative, starting from the commercial part, to the complete management of logistics and forwarding to the post-shipping assistance.

Following a project in the start-up phase is always rewarding, taking customers by hand and letting them understand all the necessary steps, making them more aware of the logistics and shipment of its products, managed then entirely by MBE.


Moving from Mantua to Rome in two days

A short notice transfer to another city and the need to move very quickly have not discouraged MBE from delivering the task.

A company communicated his employee an emergency transfer from Mantua to Rome. They needed someone to help him with the clothing, books and various furnishings to be transported into the new house.

A traditional courier was the first option they had tried, but, in addition to transport, there was the necessity of packaging and helping prepare everything. Also the time of arrival of the goods in Rome needed to be sure and have someone there to help unload everything and take it to the floor.

MBE supplied the packing for the furniture, books and cases for clothes and delivered them in Rome on the agreed day at the specified time. Everything has aIso been brought to the plan as agreed.

It would have been impossible to manage this occasional customer with a standard service. The goods to move were a great deal and everything needed to be packed; furthermore, the customer had the need to load and unload by appointment; therefore it was put at his disposal a chauffeured van and dedicated staff for porterage and the service was performed with a Mantua-Rome dedicated transport.

“A particular situation that requires a prompt response. MBE center has quickly found a unique and special solution.”

Sell quality honey with a quality corporate image

A start-up enterprise needs a professional and attractive corporate image which matches the quality of the products it is trying to sell.

A company composed of an association of beekeepers in Massafra (TA) wanted to open a new sales channel by offering their products directly to customers.  What better occasion to renew the company’s entire corporate image?

In addition to graphic restyling, they needed to completely reprint and resupply their stock of promotional materials (brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.). As an integral part of this change in sales strategy, the company decided to present their products at special venue sales events, such as food trade fairs, which had not been attempted previously.  The beekeepers were excellent at keeping the bees happy and their hives in good working order, but desperately needed expertise to develop their point-of-sales presence at the planned exhibitions.

The trade fair season was about to start and they needed to concentrate on other matters related to production and distribution of their honey products.

The entire project from start to finish, was outsourced to MBE giving the customer more time to dedicate to the logistics challenges of this new sales opportunity. MBE re-shaped the company’s marketing image and message, produced print materials and became integrally involved with the client’s selling process by overtaking the entire management process of all shipping-related aspects of direct sales to end-customers.