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How can you make your business more competitive?

The ubiquity of the internet and the growth of online shopping in recent years have contributed to redefining the boundaries of markets and the circulation of goods. This has opened up many opportunities for start-ups and SMEs but has also created challenges. Their small size and relative lack of resources sometimes means smaller businesses struggle to optimise the benefits technology can bring in the fields of logistics, marketing and related services. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt strategies and technologies to guarantee a high service level to make a company competitive. But what are the options?

· The constant growth in online purchase volumes offers both challenges and opportunities for SMEs.

· To make a service company competitive, significant economic investment is needed.

Optimise your logistics

According to a survey by eMarketer, in 2020 18% of all retail sales took place via e-commerce, but it’s estimated that by 2024 this will rise to 21.8%. Consumer demand has driven many recent developments in e-commerce, not least of which is logistics. Consumers have extremely high expectations about delivery options, returns processes etc., and these factors strongly influence purchasing decisions.

Setting up your own logistics department is far from straightforward. However, you will need to rely on established structures and qualified staff to have the resources to invest in new technologies. And while these infrastructures already exist in most large organisations, they are often not in smaller companies.

Thankfully there is no shortage of solutions – outsourcing warehousing, logistics, and shipping is a smart move for many SMEs. Collaborating with large specialist providers means they can benefit from the tools and strategies they need to improve competitiveness without depleting their resources.

Invest in training

Training and updating personnel is not simple for SMEs and small businesses – it requires a significant investment of money and time. Yet staff training is crucial, as is recruiting and retaining the right people. Your team both represents and embodies your brand and service ethos. Training them properly means you can easily implement any process changes and transform them into a competitive advantage.

Strengthen your corporate image

According to research conducted by MarketingSignals, 37% of e-commerce start-up failures are caused by the lack of investment dedicated to the visibility and recognition of the brand in the target market. At Mail Boxes Etc we can help you develop your brand image and promote it across various print and digital channels. Our competitively priced graphic design and print solutions can help bring your brand to life.

Manage the peaks and troughs

Smaller businesses sometimes find it challenging to cope with peaks and troughs in demand, so it’s a good idea to work with expert third-party suppliers like your local Mail Boxes Etc centre. Whether you use our fulfilment and logistics services to manage peak orders and deliveries or work with our design and print experts to create a suite of campaign materials to generate increased demand, we’re here to help. And the great thing is, you can use our expert services as and when you need them. An agile solution if ever there was one.

With decades of experience, an established brand and a vast network of skilled professionals, Mail Boxes Etc offers small and medium-sized businesses a wide range of integrated solutions for the optimised digital management of communication, shipping, logistics, printing and marketing support services.