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Mail Boxes Etc. Centre

Embrace your ambition

Join our passionate Network in providing companies and private customers with E-commerce, Shipping, Logistics and Print & Marketing services.

Great ambition drives greater results.
Pursue your goals in a growing industry that is waiting for people just like you.

Right now, thousands of entrepreneurs are on a journey towards their own professional growth with MBE.

They are on the same adventure that inspired us and made us stand out over the years in e-commerce, shipping, logistics, printing and marketing solutions aimed to support SMEs and individuals. A journey that never stopped, even in front of the challenges the world had to face.


+45 countries

Our passion knows no boundaries. That’s why we provide services and expertise to thousands of business customers all over the world.


1,800+ MBE Service Centers

Gli imprenditori e le Imprenditrici MBE sanno di poter contare su di noi. E noi ripaghiamo la loro fiducia con competenza, professionalità e con una presenza forte sul territorio.


250,000 business customers

This is why our client base continues to grow. Keep doing your best: together, we make a difference.



Ready to go even further?

With the talent that you, and thousands of other entrepreneurs bring to the table, we can do it.
And we want to do it! Bringing the MBE team together with more and more energy, quality, and innovation. Together.