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6 Steps For Opening A Franchise

6 Steps For Opening A Franchise

In the current economic environment, which is undergoing significant and rapid transformation, franchising stands as a stable reference point in the market economy. This era is defined by technological innovation, evolving geopolitical dynamics, new consumer demands, and increasing focus on environmental concerns.

Therefore, analysing statistics and trends in the franchising sector becomes especially valuable. It provides a clear and precise insight into the adaptable nature of this business model and its capacity to swiftly incorporate innovations, offering valuable information not just for entrepreneurs and investors, but for a wide array of stakeholders aiming to understand current economic scenarios better.

Understanding Franchising Statistics

The franchising industry, as per Business Research Insights, is expected to reach a valuation of £1.75955 million by 2027. Franchise Direct reports that 99% of franchises successfully navigate through the initial 12 months of operation, highlighting the model’s resilience.

The Statistics of Franchising

Franchising statistics for 2023 indicate global growth, especially in sectors showing adaptability to current challenges. The industry, valued at £1,00797.4 million in 2021, is projected to reach £1,75955 million by 2027. America remains the leading market, confirmed by the International Franchise Association’s report, which highlights solid growth and job creation in the US. European markets also show strong performance, with the continent hosting over 8,500 brands and eight out of the top ten brands being European. Investors are attracted by the lower business risk and the benefits of operating under established brands.

Franchisees are drawn to the solidity of investment in franchising. Franchise Direct notes that 99% of franchisees pass the critical first-year mark, compared to independent businesses, where one in two close within the first two years, according to Creditnews. However, like any business, franchising success is tied to market demands.

Investing in a Logistics Franchise

Investing in a logistics franchise like Mail Boxes Etc could be a fruitful venture, aligning with new trends. MBE franchising offers a programme that includes assistance and continuous training for its affiliates, enabling access to a network of approximately 1600 Service Centres globally. Entrepreneurs looking to start a business in this sector can find tailored solutions and support from MBE.

Franchising, with its ability to adapt and embrace new trends, presents robust opportunities for growth. Entrepreneurs can leverage these trends to align their business models with evolving market demands, ensuring long-term sustainability and success.

Emerging Sectors for Franchising in the UK in 2024

  • Technology and Digital Innovation: The surge in technology-focused franchises reflects the market’s appetite for augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.
  • Sustainability and Eco-friendly Products: Consumer environmental consciousness is boosting franchises that offer sustainable solutions across various sectors.
  • Food and Gastronomy: This steadfast pillar of franchising is diversifying into healthy, vegan, vegetarian, and ethnic cuisines.
  • Logistics and Shipping: The e-commerce boom is expanding the logistics and shipping sector, with a predicted 90% of purchases moving online by 2040.