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Mail Boxes Etc. Centre

Join the MBE Network and grow your customers’ business.

Open your MBE Center and provide end-to-end services
to your professional clients in order to fuel their growth.

Thousands of SMBs want to take a leap towards innovation.
And thanks to your new skills they will be able to do so.

With the e-commerce and logistics sector expanding, the SMBs that populate the market today need daily support from specialized professionals. Someone always ready to provide the right solutions. By joining the MBE world you can be that partner, taking your customer’s e-commerce logistics to a new level of efficiency, and we will be by your side. Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the world’s largest networks of service centers, owned and managed by independent Entrepreneurs who provide shipping, logistics & e-commerce, fulfillment, print and marketing solutions to businesses and individuals.

Meet the MBE team

Meet the MBE team


Becoming tenacious

MBE will provide you with optimal
and thorough preparation. Everything
you need in order to become a
benchmark in the market for
professional SMB services.

Advanced and continuous training

We will help you and your team
acquire all the skills you need.
With advanced and on-site training
tools at certified centers. With the
constant support of our Network.

Competitive solutions

Thanks to MBE, you can become
a Solution Manager and offer your
customers a full range of effective,
state-of-the-art solutions.
To develop the full potential of their

Omni-channel marketing

MBE will support you through
our business programs, lead
generation initiatives and
omni-channel marketing campaigns.


Ready to take a leap forward in your working life?

If your goal is to grow your digital skills and your business, then so is ours. With the talent that you and thousands of other Entrepreneurs like you have, we can give the market what it asks of us and make a difference, together.

Take charge of your future within the MBE team:
now is the time to unleash your potential.


Embrace your ambition

Join our passionate Network in providing companies and private customers with E-commerce, Shipping, Logistics and Print & Marketing services.

Great ambition drives greater results.
Pursue your goals in a growing industry that is waiting for people just like you.

Right now, thousands of entrepreneurs are on a journey towards their own professional growth with MBE.

They are on the same adventure that inspired us and made us stand out over the years in e-commerce, shipping, logistics, printing and marketing solutions aimed to support SMEs and individuals. A journey that never stopped, even in front of the challenges the world had to face.


+45 countries

Our passion knows no boundaries. That’s why we provide services and expertise to thousands of business customers all over the world.


1,800+ MBE Service Centers

Gli imprenditori e le Imprenditrici MBE sanno di poter contare su di noi. E noi ripaghiamo la loro fiducia con competenza, professionalità e con una presenza forte sul territorio.


250,000 business customers

This is why our client base continues to grow. Keep doing your best: together, we make a difference.



Ready to go even further?

With the talent that you, and thousands of other entrepreneurs bring to the table, we can do it.
And we want to do it! Bringing the MBE team together with more and more energy, quality, and innovation. Together.


Trust the future: join a team where You means Us.

Become a Business Enabler for SMEs and private clients with the MBE Network.


There is a way to better face today’s challenges. And it is together. To be stronger, to extend the possibilities
and build the future with more trust. All this, with the incredible power of a word: TEAM.

A team you can rely on. Working by your side. Believing in your goals. This is what it means to open an MBE Service Center.
A worldwide team where You really means Us, because it’s made of people like you. People who, in a group, want to find the trust they need in order to believe in their future.
Now it’s your turn!


Ready to join us? Take a look at our numbers.
Because trust is built on solid foundations.



40+ countries

You can find us all over the world.
Efficiency and teamwork have
brought us this far.


About 1,800 MBE
Service Centers

A widespread presence. Many Entrepreneurs believed in the
strength of the MBE approach and they continue to do so.

250,000 business

Every day, MBE Solutions give thousands of people the answers
they are looking for. And you can play an important part in those



A world of reliability


Becoming an MBE Entrepreneur means being a reference point in the E-commerce, Shipping & Packaging, Logistics, Printing and Marketing sectors. Create your tomorrow as a solution maker for countless small and medium-sized businesses and private clients.


It’s time to listen to your desire for rebirth:
fall in love with your work!


Together, we can take that step towards your dream, because you’ll have the right tools to do it. Our world is made of people who have had doubts, fears and uncertainties, just like you. But thanks to MBE’s strength they overcame every difficulty and created a business. Turning their passion into a new exciting future. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Take your chance!


Do you have strong entrepreneurial ambitions? MBE Franchising is looking for you.

MBE Franchising adapts to every individual’s needs and develops on equal opportunities.
We don’t discriminate between genders, tastes or labels. We only focus on the development of the entrepreneur in her professional field. Talent, after all, is talent. That is why we are offering you the opportunity to boost your business and grow as an entrepreneur.

If you want to bet on yourself and have the opportunity to demonstrate your managerial talent, in a well-established company in the field of logistics and shipping, fill out the form and join the Mail Boxes Etc. family. More and more women entrepreneurs are taking leadership roles, and the next one could be you.


Don’t just take our word for it – be inspired by some of our many female franchisees


Why choose MBE?


Being part of our network means making a difference in a sector that is increasingly in demand by businesses and retail customers. Businesswomen are growing steadily around the world, creating incredible businesses and growing national economies. More female entrepreneurs mean more ideas, so more innovation and export potential… skills that Mail Boxes Etc. cannot do without!

Start the journey to your own business now. Don’t worry, MBE will always be at your sid

  • Customised solutions with a unique level of service.
  • Marketing, operational and legal departments to support your business.
  • Internationally negotiated framework agreements to offer higher profit margins.
  • Continuous training.
  • National advertising campaigns and social marketing materials from major agencies.
  • Opportunities to meet and collaborate with other affiliated entrepreneurs.


We offer you training, support and real marketing solutions.
You get a new approach to problem solving, customer relations and team growth.


What are you waiting for? Get started now.