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business plan for a courier franchise store

Business Plan For A Courier Franchise Store

business plan for a courier franchise store

Embarking on a journey to start a courier franchise store demands meticulous planning, strategic vision, and a keen understanding of the market. 

This article will guide you through each essential phase of your business plan, from drafting an outline to analysing competition, understanding strengths and weaknesses, acknowledging personal motivations, budget and price planning, to examining gross profit, margins, and expenses.

Creating a Business Plan Outline

Goals and Objectives

The foundation of your business strategy is forming a solid business plan outline. The critical components of this outline are your SMART goals, which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. These might range from anticipated sales volumes to desired customer demographics or plans for expansion.


Apart from setting goals, it’s crucial to establish definite timelines for achieving these objectives. This step provides clarity and direction for your business operations.

Identifying Your Store’s USPs

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the cornerstone that differentiates your courier franchise store from competitors. It could include longer operating hours, quicker delivery, or top-tier customer service. The competitive advantage these unique features provide can drive customer acquisition and retention.

ups envelope

Understanding the Competition

Analysis and Profile Creation

To understand the competition, scrutinize businesses in your locality offering similar courier services. This could involve researching online, visiting competitor locations, or gathering feedback from their customers.

Future Trends and Planning

Foreseeing future courier industry trends is crucial to maintain your franchise’s competitive edge. Keep abreast of new technologies, changing customer preferences, and potential regulatory shifts to stay ahead.

Strengths and Weaknesses

SWOT Analysis

A comprehensive analysis of your business’s internal and external environment involves conducting a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. This procedure helps you understand the strengths (competitive advantages), weaknesses (improvement areas), opportunities (potential market gaps), and threats (possible challenges from competitors or market scenarios) your courier franchise store might encounter.

Your Motivations

Personal Reasons

Pondering over personal motivations for initiating a courier franchise store could be crucial. This could stem from seeking financial autonomy, a keen interest in the courier industry, or striving for work-life balance.

Realistic Expectations and Exit Plan

Keeping a realistic outlook regarding the challenges and limitations your store might face is vital. Preparing an exit strategy can provide a contingency plan if things don’t pan out as expected.

courier store swat analysis

Budget Planning

Detailed Cost Analysis

An integral aspect of your business plan is budget planning. Detail all prospective startup and operational costs, including rent, insurance, inventory, and store renovation. Identify where the funding for these expenses will come from – personal savings, a business loan, or investors.

Startup Expenses vs. Operating Expenses

Distinguish between startup expenses (one-time costs) and operating expenses (recurring costs). This step ensures you have a sustainable financial plan to support both expenditures.


Pricing Strategy and Sales Forecasting

Determining a successful pricing strategy involves considering your services’ costs, competitors’ prices, and customer-perceived value. Accurate sales forecasting can guide your pricing strategy, ensuring your prices cover costs and remain competitive.

Gross Profit and Margin

Profit Calculation and Margin Analysis

Subtract the cost of goods sold (COGS) from your total sales to calculate gross profit. Analysing your gross profit margin (gross profit as a percentage of sales) can offer valuable insights into your business’s financial efficiency and overall health.

Expenses Planning

Twelve-Month Plan

Plan for expenses by projecting your business’s costs over the first year and beyond. Include operational costs, loan repayments, and tax obligations. Regularly reviewing and updating your expense plan can prevent financial issues and ensure your business stays on track.

profit and loss statement

Profit and Loss

Projected Sales and Costs

A profit and loss (P&L) statement encapsulates your business’s financial performance over a period. It details projected sales, costs, expense budgets, taxes, and net profit.

Financial Health Indicators

The P&L statement also showcases your net profit margin (net profit as a percentage of revenue), cash flow status, and balance sheet projections, providing insights into your business’s financial stability.

Writing the Business Plan

Finally, you can begin writing your business plan after contemplating all the factors listed above. It should include an introduction to your business, a depiction of your target market, sales goals, and overarching targets. The business plan should be lucid, concise, and comprehensive, offering a detailed roadmap to your courier franchise store’s journey to success.

Constructing a business plan for a courier franchise store goes beyond administrative tasks; it’s a strategic initiative that provides the bedrock for your entrepreneurial journey. 

A carefully crafted plan and diligent implementation can see your courier franchise store prosper in the competitive marketplace. Starting with a robust plan, strategic vision, and accurate financial planning can ensure your business thrives.

edinburgh royal mile


Understanding The Local Business Market For A Courier Retail Franchise

edinburgh royal mile

Opening a courier store in a new locale is an exciting venture, yet it demands thorough research and understanding of the local market dynamics. Each town or street has its unique blend of demographics, competition, infrastructure, regulations, economic conditions, and cultural nuances.

Thus, understanding these facets can provide insights that will guide your decision-making, strategy, and, ultimately, the success of your courier store.

1. Market Research

This broad study involves identifying potential customers, their needs, and local buying habits. Use local statistics from the ONS (office of national statistics) and the council in which the store will be located, in addition to data from the town’s chamber of commerce and information from existing businesses, to gain insights.

Online platforms like Google Trends and social media platforms can provide demographic and behavioural data about the residents.

2. Competitor Analysis

Identify your main competitors in the area. Visit their stores, browse their websites, and understand their service offerings, pricing, and customer service. Use this information to differentiate your courier store and effectively meet customer needs.

3. Infrastructure and Accessibility

Evaluate the local infrastructure, including roads, accessibility to key business areas, footfall and parking facilities. This will help determine how efficiently you can run your courier services.

waterloo station, london

4. Local Regulations

Contact the local council to understand specific regulations, zoning requirements, and laws that may affect courier services. This will ensure your business operates within legal boundaries.

5. Economic Indicators

Understand the economic condition of the town. Factors like unemployment rates, average income, cost of living, and economic growth can help assess the viability of your business.

  • Drive Around the Town: Spend some time driving around the area to get a feel for the local community. The state and type of the houses can offer insights into the socio-economic status of the residents.
  • Check House Prices and Rental Market: Look up property prices and trends in the local rental market. This information can indicate the relative affluence of the area. A higher average house price typically correlates with higher disposable income, which could translate into greater demand for courier services.
  • Number of Houses for Sale: Note the number of houses for sale. A high number of properties on the market could suggest residents are moving out, whereas a low number might indicate a stable community. The reasons for these moves could be varied – from economic to personal. Each of these scenarios will have different implications for your business.

6. Local Business Relationships

Building personal relationships with potential customers is essential for establishing a strong presence in the local market. Visit local businesses, introduce yourself, and gauge their courier service needs.

  • Introduction and Gift Hamper: When visiting, consider bringing a small gift hamper or offering a token of goodwill. This can be a physical reminder of your visit and new business. The gift could be something as simple as a branded pen or notebook or a small hamper containing a few locally sourced or branded items.
  • Express Interest in Their Business: Show genuine interest in their operations and discuss how your courier services can help streamline their processes. Listen to their needs and offer tailored solutions.
  • Follow-Up: After your visit, follow up with a phone call or an email thanking them for their time and reminding them of your services.
Local Business Relationships

Remember, establishing relationships early on can help create a robust customer base for your courier store and foster long-term business partnerships.

7. Local Surveys

Conduct surveys to understand better the needs, perceptions, and expectations of potential customers regarding courier services. This strategy can provide valuable insights to shape your business operations and service offerings.

  • Online Surveys: Consider leveraging platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads for conducting these surveys. You can target these ads to your local market and collect feedback through the attached survey forms. This can help you gain insights into local preferences, customer pain points, and potential opportunities for your business.
  • Direct Mail Surveys: Partnering with a local marketing company to distribute survey leaflets in your targeted area is another option. This approach can reach customers who may be less active online but still represent an essential part of your market.

Both methods, online and direct mail surveys, can complement each other and comprehensively understand your local market’s needs and expectations regarding courier services. These insights can guide your business strategy, helping you build a store-based courier service that is truly responsive to local needs.

8. Technology Usage

Assess how the local market embraces technology such as online booking, parcel tracking, and real-time delivery notifications. You can better fulfil customer expectations by aligning your courier business’s technological capabilities with local preferences.

Here’s a suggested way to go about it:

  • Create a spreadsheet of local businesses: Identify the various local businesses that could be potential customers for your courier services.
  • Analyse their websites: Visit these businesses’ websites to understand their existing delivery services. Take note of their delivery services, like same-day delivery, next-day delivery, or 2-3 business day’s delivery.
  • Focus on food delivery services: Look closely at local restaurants and takeaways. Examine if they offer delivery through delivery apps. This could indicate a high demand for courier services and a readiness to adopt technological solutions.

By systematically analysing the technology usage of potential customers, you can get a sense of the technological expectations in your local market. This information can guide you to incorporate the right technologies in your courier business, ensuring you meet or exceed local customer expectations.

9. Social, Cultural and Seasonal Factors

Consider local cultural nuances, preferences, seasonal trends, and the presence of any ethnic minority populations that may influence your business. These factors can significantly impact customer behaviour and the demand for courier services.

For instance, ethnic minority populations often have specific needs or preferences related to their cultural practices, such as certain holidays when there might be an increased demand for courier services. Understanding these dynamics can help tailor your services to meet the community’s diverse needs, fostering inclusivity and enhancing customer satisfaction.

lightening storm uk

10. Potential Risks

Consider risks related to the local climate, crime rates, and other challenges. In the UK, weather systems such as heavy rain, storms, and snow can disrupt courier operations. Identifying these risks ahead of time can aid in preparing contingency plans to handle adverse weather conditions, ensuring your business remains operational even in the face of such challenges.

Moreover, understanding local crime rates can assist in planning security measures to protect your staff, customers, and assets, providing a more robust foundation for your courier business.

Thorough research and understanding of the local market can set a solid foundation for your courier store and increase its chances of success.

In summary, a deep dive into the local market scene is fundamental to the success of your courier store. From market research to understanding local infrastructure and regulations, economic indicators, building local business relationships, utilising technology to catering to social and cultural norms – all these aspects play a significant role in your store’s viability and profitability.

Hence, by conducting comprehensive research and continuous learning about your local market, you can make informed decisions and set your courier business on the path to success.

How can you make your business more competitive?

The ubiquity of the internet and the growth of online shopping in recent years have contributed to redefining the boundaries of markets and the circulation of goods. This has opened up many opportunities for start-ups and SMEs but has also created challenges. Their small size and relative lack of resources sometimes means smaller businesses struggle to optimise the benefits technology can bring in the fields of logistics, marketing and related services. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt strategies and technologies to guarantee a high service level to make a company competitive. But what are the options?

· The constant growth in online purchase volumes offers both challenges and opportunities for SMEs.

· To make a service company competitive, significant economic investment is needed.

Optimise your logistics

According to a survey by eMarketer, in 2020 18% of all retail sales took place via e-commerce, but it’s estimated that by 2024 this will rise to 21.8%. Consumer demand has driven many recent developments in e-commerce, not least of which is logistics. Consumers have extremely high expectations about delivery options, returns processes etc., and these factors strongly influence purchasing decisions.

Setting up your own logistics department is far from straightforward. However, you will need to rely on established structures and qualified staff to have the resources to invest in new technologies. And while these infrastructures already exist in most large organisations, they are often not in smaller companies.

Thankfully there is no shortage of solutions – outsourcing warehousing, logistics, and shipping is a smart move for many SMEs. Collaborating with large specialist providers means they can benefit from the tools and strategies they need to improve competitiveness without depleting their resources.

Invest in training

Training and updating personnel is not simple for SMEs and small businesses – it requires a significant investment of money and time. Yet staff training is crucial, as is recruiting and retaining the right people. Your team both represents and embodies your brand and service ethos. Training them properly means you can easily implement any process changes and transform them into a competitive advantage.

Strengthen your corporate image

According to research conducted by MarketingSignals, 37% of e-commerce start-up failures are caused by the lack of investment dedicated to the visibility and recognition of the brand in the target market. At Mail Boxes Etc we can help you develop your brand image and promote it across various print and digital channels. Our competitively priced graphic design and print solutions can help bring your brand to life.

Manage the peaks and troughs

Smaller businesses sometimes find it challenging to cope with peaks and troughs in demand, so it’s a good idea to work with expert third-party suppliers like your local Mail Boxes Etc centre. Whether you use our fulfilment and logistics services to manage peak orders and deliveries or work with our design and print experts to create a suite of campaign materials to generate increased demand, we’re here to help. And the great thing is, you can use our expert services as and when you need them. An agile solution if ever there was one.

With decades of experience, an established brand and a vast network of skilled professionals, Mail Boxes Etc offers small and medium-sized businesses a wide range of integrated solutions for the optimised digital management of communication, shipping, logistics, printing and marketing support services.

MBE Worldwide acquires PACK & SEND New Zealand

mbe worldwide acquires pack and send new zealand

MBE Worldwide S.p.A. (‘MBE’) is pleased to announce the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of PACK & SEND New Zealand (‘PACK & SEND NZ’) from the former PACK & SEND NZ master licensee.

MBE is a leading commerce-enablement platform providing e-commerce, fulfilment, shipping, marketing and print solutions to SMEs and consumers. In 2022, MBE served over 1 million business customers worldwide, generating €1.3 bn (US$1.4 bn) of system-wide gross revenue, through its 3,150+ business solutions centres in 52 countries, and €22 bn (US$23 bn) of gross merchandise balue traded through its PrestaShop e-commerce solutions.

PACK & SEND SYSTEMS (‘PACK & SEND’), the franchisor of the PACK & SEND system that was acquired by MBE Worldwide in 2021, was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1993. Since that time, it has operated in the shipping and logistics industries through a network of entrepreneurs and master licensees.

PACK & SEND NZ has been trading in New Zealand since 2008 as a master licensee of PACK & SEND, supporting a network of franchise partners currently comprising 20 business solutions centres.

With this acquisition, MBE reinforces its presence in the Oceanian market where three of its family of brands now operate: MBE, PACK & SEND and World Options. PACK & SEND NZ will continue to operate as an independent company within New Zealand. All MBE Group companies operating in Oceania will retain their respective business concepts and brands.

“We are excited to now be part of the MBE Group,” said Matthew Everest, Managing Director of PACK & SEND NZ. “The future developments and synergies we can implement working together are a fantastic driver for further growth of the PACK & SEND brand in New Zealand. We share with the MBE team the same values, culture and most of all customer satisfaction as our primary objective.”

Paolo Fiorelli, Chairman and CEO of MBE Worldwide, said: “We welcome PACK & SEND NZ to the MBE family. We acquired the franchisor of PACK & SEND based in Australia in March 2021. In March 2023 we acquired PACK & SEND UK. With the acquisition of PACK & SEND NZ, the entire global PACK & SEND Network is now part of the MBE Group’s directly operated countries. We will be working together to further improve our offering of high-value solutions to customers in the Oceanian market.”

Double-digit growth for MBE Worldwide in 2022

mbe worldwide 2022 results

MBE Worldwide (MBE) is a leading commerce enablement platform providing e-commerce, fulfilment, shipping, marketing and print solutions to SMEs and consumers. MBE closed FY2022 with €1.3 bn (US$1.4 bn) of system-wide gross revenue – generated through its location-based platform made of 3,150+ business solution centres in 52 countries, operating under different brands: PrestaShop, Mail Boxes Etc., PostNet, PACK & SEND, AlphaGraphics, Multicopy, GEL Proximity and World Options – and €22 bn (US$23 bn) of gross merchandise value traded through its digital platform under the PrestaShop brand.

During 2022 MBE opened 153 new business solution centres globally and signed three new Master Licence (ML) Agreements – Colombia, Morocco and Ecuador – thus expanding its global platform into new territories.

Furthermore, in 2022 MBE successfully concluded further strategic acquisitions such as World Options and Gel Proximity. World Options is a provider of shipping solutions for business customers in the UK and the US, while GEL Proximity is a tech platform entirely dedicated to last-mile logistics, allowing consumers to choose among different proximity services.

“I can proudly say that 2022 has been probably our best year ever, both in terms of organic and inorganic growth,” says Paolo Fiorelli, MBE Chairman and CEO. “Within a complex macro-economic context exacerbated by high inflation in many countries in which we operate, uncertainty regarding energy resources and rising supply chain costs, our results have been extremely positive. We increased MBE Worldwide Group system-wide gross revenue by +28.7% passing from €1.01 bn (US$1.2 bn) in FY2021 to €1.3 bn (US$1.4 bn) in FY2022. The ambition, discipline, commitment and passion of the team, both at corporate and network level, have fuelled our daily activities and helped us reach our challenging goals.”

Paolo Fiorelli adds: “We continue to strengthen our capacity as a global commerce enabler for SMEs and consumers, combining the synergies of our two integrated platforms: the physical one counting more than 3,150 business solution centres in 52 countries and the digital one represented by our PrestaShop e-commerce suite. Through the two platforms in 2022 we fulfilled the commerce needs of over 1 million business customers worldwide.”

MBE is concentrating effort to combine its worldwide network of business solution centres with PrestaShop, one of the most successful e-commerce platforms in the market, positioning MBE as a unique player in the global landscape. “Our future plans will keep leveraging the passion, commitment and skills of our people combined with our innovative technologies, to help all of our customers to solve their daily challenges,” concludes Paolo Fiorelli.

About MBE Worldwide

MBE Worldwide S.p.A., a privately-owned company headquartered in Italy, is a global commerce enabler for SMEs and consumers thanks to its platform providing e-commerce, fulfilment, shipping, marketing and print solutions via multi-brand operations: PrestaShop, Mail Boxes Etc. (except in the US and Canada), PostNet, PACK & SEND,, AlphaGraphics, Multicopy, Print Speak, GEL Proximity and World Options. In 2022, the combination of its physical platform – that currently counts 3,150+ business solution centres in 52 countries with more than 13,000 associates – with its PrestaShop e-commerce platform served over 1 million business customers worldwide, generating €1.3 bn (US$1.4 bn) of system-wide gross revenue and €22 bn (US$23 bn) of gross merchandise value.

Mail Boxes Etc. celebrates 30 years as the business partner of SMBs worldwide

Milan, Italy – April 20, 2023: Mail Boxes Etc. Italy – part of the MBE Worldwide S.p.A. group of companies (“MBE”) since 2009 – is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Since opening its first Service Center in Milan, Italy, in 1993, Mail Boxes Etc. Italy has grown to having more than 580 Business Solution Centres, while MBE worldwide is a global commerce platform combining a leading e-commerce enabler with a multi-brand location-based network of over 3,150 Business Solution Centres in 52 countries.

Mail Boxes Etc. is a leading Global Commerce enabler for SMBs and consumers thanks to its platform providing e-commerce, fulfilment, shipping, marketing and print solutions. Mail Boxes Etc.’s innovative and entrepreneurial business model, unique selling proposition, and high-quality range of solutions have attracted many entrepreneurs over the years, resulting in an increasing number of countries joining the MBE network. The company attributes its success to its vast range of tailored solutions, specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and consumers.

The inception of the MBE network occurred in Italy, with the first Business Solution Center opening in Milan in April 1993. MBE Italy was established by Graziano Fiorelli and his son Paolo, who developed the business following the successful performance of the Mail Boxes Etc concept in the USA.

Starting in 2001, MBE began acquiring the rights to operate the Mail Boxes Etc. brand in additional countries, including Spain and Germany, then France, Poland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom & Ireland.

In 2009, the Fiorelli family acquired the worldwide Mail Boxes Etc. business and brand (with the exception of the USA and Canada.)

On MBE Italy’s 30th Anniversary. Graziano Fiorelli, MBE Chairman Emeritus, said: “With my son Paolo we have developed a company with a winning business model, aiming to build that company to a global scale. This result was only made possible through the efforts of our many passionate and talented people.” 

Paolo Fiorelli, MBE Chairman and CEO, added: “My father started this entrepreneurial journey, and I kept building on it. We have always firmly believed that expanding MBE globally would be of paramount significance, and MBE’s results so far have proved us right. Today MBE continues to enable many entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions, as part of a strong and well-established organization in Italy and abroad. Our mission is to support customers in their daily challenges, with tailored solutions and professional service, acting as their flexible engine for growth and development.”

Mail Boxes Etc’s motto is #PeoplePossible, which means having the ability to respond to continuously changing business needs with courage, tenacity, competence, and being passionate in serving customers.

MBE Franchising: The Partner of your greatest beginnings

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Meet the MBE team


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Meet the MBE team

Meet the MBE team


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MBE will provide you with optimal
and thorough preparation. Everything
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Advanced and continuous training

We will help you and your team
acquire all the skills you need.
With advanced and on-site training
tools at certified centers. With the
constant support of our Network.

Competitive solutions

Thanks to MBE, you can become
a Solution Manager and offer your
customers a full range of effective,
state-of-the-art solutions.
To develop the full potential of their

Omni-channel marketing

MBE will support you through
our business programs, lead
generation initiatives and
omni-channel marketing campaigns.


Ready to take a leap forward in your working life?

If your goal is to grow your digital skills and your business, then so is ours. With the talent that you and thousands of other Entrepreneurs like you have, we can give the market what it asks of us and make a difference, together.

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